All Rights Reserved.  R2 is a tread type used typically with cane and rice or other crops grown in wet muck or flooded fields. Find your Tyre. Overall Width : 320/75R-24: 42.9: 12.6: 11.2R-24: 43.4: 11.2 : 360/70R-24: 45.4: 14.2: 12.4R-24: 45.6: 12.4 : 380/70R-24: 46.5: 15: 11.2R-28: 47.4: 11.2 : 13.6R-24: 47.6: 13.6 : 420/70R-24: 48.7: 16.5: 12.4R-28: 49.6: 12.4 : 14.9R-24: 49.8: 14.9 : 380/70R-28: 50.6: 15: 13.6R-28: 51.6: 13.6 : 14.9R-26: 51.8: 14.9 : 420/70R-28: 52.8: 16.5: 14.9R-28: 53.8 Click here for important shipping updates regarding COVID-19. Tweet Pin It. Below is Example of Group 46 Alternate Sizes: As shown above, in Group 46 (73″ overall diameter): Rim. ATV; Car; Tractor; Lawn and Garden ; Truck Tire Chains; Parts; Skidder; SEARCH by Tire Size. AGRIMAX RT 765. 540/75R34 420/9030 (16.9R30) 480/70R34. 420/85R38 380/80R34 (14.9R34) 420/85R34. Wheel size. It has been designed with a special cut-and-chip resistant compound to ensur ... © 2019 Balkrishna Industries Limited (BKT). 1. number 6.50 -16 is the width in inches. 620/75R30 480/70R30 (18.4R30) 540/65/R34 600/70R28. Service life with wear and tear on tough surfaces. Improved traction on soft ground. If your tire size is formatted like this: P165/70R-13 or 265/75R-16LT. 46 = rim diameter (inches) (this is not the total tire height or group size), Metric size tire  R1W is a wet traction tread for wet, sticky soil conditions.  This tread fills the gap between R1 and R2 tires having a deeper lug with wider spacing than R1 tires but shorter and narrower than R2. Tractors with Independent-Link Suspension or the 1500 Series MFWD axle can be ordered with front/rear tire combinations that are four or five group sizes different.  However, when tires are selected during the ordering process of the tractor, a “4” or “5” marking will be placed on the front axle.  All replacement tires installed on the tractor must match the group size difference (four or five steps). Too much negative slippage, or lagging, can have a braking effect on the front tires and reduce your steering ability. 380/80R38. 24.5X9R13. The new tire that transmits power to tractors from 160 to 550 hp while protecting the soil. Figure 1: It is important to inflate tires to the proper pressure based on the machine and axle load. It is mainly field oriented a ... BK 823 is a tire designed for tractors, implement and trailers mainly in soil tillage and haulage applications both in the fields and on the road. Aspect ratio. Size Overall Dia. Exact rolling circumference values vary for each tire size. For example, if the driver of the tractor often deals with dry conditions, such as small pebbles or debris, there will be a need for a tyre that can handle these kinds of surface conditions. 600/70R30 Rear Group 47. You can match a group 49 with a group 44 or group 47 with a group 42 and they will work fine on the tractor. Productivity. Tire width. 380/80R42 320/85R38. *Although most tractors are five-step tractors, consult … The following is an example to help to decode a tire size like 255/60R17. The wide-spaced lugs can show extra wear and cause problems with vibration when roading. 4 Productivity + MICHELIN BIBLOAD HARD SURFACE. Contact Us. Bath And Body Works Printable Coupons. RADIAL . The tire ... AGRIMAX ELOS has been designed to enhance top traction performance even under particularly awkward operating conditions on wet terrains such as paddy ... AGRIMAX RT 600 is the ideal tire for grassland, harvesting and spreading applications. Store Pages. Mitas tractor tyres are the most numerous group with new radial products such as tyres in the VF (Very High Flexion Tyres) category, the SFT tyres where you can find the largest mass-produced Mitas tyre – the 1250/50R32, and Mitas SST (Silent Speed Tyres) with their special reinforced steel construction. That is where our tractor chains can make all the difference. 24.5X8R13. Tire Sizes Stock No. 520/85R42 158 A8 R1520 = tire section width (mm) The tire industry has been converting to metric size designations when describing agricultural tires.  In addition, tires are placed into groups by their rolling circumference index (RCI), commonly referred to as group size.  Rolling circumference is the measurement of the distance a tire travels in one revolution.  Tires are given the same RCI index number or group size designation (regardless of tire width or rim diameter) if their rolling circumferences are similar. 2. number 6.50- 16 is the diameter of the rim.   View Tire Details. The FARM 2000 tire is suitable on tractors for soil tillage applications. A8 = speed symbol Specific tire information is often available from the tire manufacturer, dealer, or the John Deere online configurator.  Tire terminology for both standard and metric tires is described below. Tires Easy carries a great selection of R-4 tires from some of the most trusted names in the industry, including Goodyear, Titan, Carlisle, and Advance, along with discount tire brands for a lower price. June 4, 2018 0. AGRIMAX RT 657 is the ideal tire for on-the-road usage and soil tillage; some sizes are also suitable for vineyard harvesting. Group 42. 2. number 16x 6.50 -8 is the width, 3. number 16x6.50- 8 is the size of the rim. ShowMeTheParts is changing how the world finds replacement parts for their vehicles. 42 = rim diameter (inches) (this is not the total tire height or group size) 15.0/55-17 tractor tires; 7.50-18 tractor tires; 8-18 tractor tires; 9.5-18 tractor tires; 12.5/80-18 tractor tires; 610R470 tractor tires; 4.00-19 tractor tires; 7.50-20 tractor tires; 8.3-20 tractor tires; 9.5-20 tractor tires; 260/80R20 tractor tires; 11.2-20 tractor tires; 320/85R20 tractor tires; 38×14.00-20 tractor tires; 38×18.00-20 tractor … Rear tire groups 44, 45, and 46 are available for 7330 tractors. AGRIMAX RT 765, a BKT 70 series tire, is suitable for cutting-edge tractors for several heavy-duty applications such as soil tillage, field and road t ... Construction. The standard method of size expression is relatively simple, but not as descriptive as metric.An example of tractor tire sizes expressed in the standard format would be “14.9-42”. If you click on one of the tire options below, all the proper tire sizes … Call today to order yours at 320-333-2155! Mainly designed for soil tillage and both field and road transport, some sizes are ... AGRIMAX RT 945 is specially designed for row crops: it does not damage the crops and preserves the yield. 686 Sizing Chart. tire size chart comparison , car tire size chart , forklift tire size chart , tractor tire for sale , used tractor tire for sale , tractor tire bead breaker , tractor tire for sale used , how to change a tractor tire , 5.50 x 16 front tractor tire , tractor tire valve stem replacement , road bike tire pressure chart … Tread depth of R2 tires is approximately twice as deep as R1 tires. Here’s a quick guide to the reasons why and how to measure your tires and rim to be sure you are getting the right replacement parts. April 10, 2018 0. Tire Chains Fit Catalogue Charts. Or Search by Size. The metric tire rating system allows manufacturers to design tires that better meet specification requirements for diameter-to-width and rolling circumference dimensions, which are critical for MFWD tires. Standard size tire 85 = aspect ratio (percentage of sidewall height to section width) Many people assume that the tire size and the rim size are the same thing, but that’s untrue. 1 Comfort; 4 Productivity; 6 Fuel saving + MICHELIN BIBSTEEL ALL TERRAIN. R1W is defined as having a lug height about 20 percent deeper than an equivalent R1 tire, but this could vary from 15 to 35 percent depending on the tire and manufacturer. Tractors and implements require specific tire sizes, constructions, and tread patterns to keep it operating at peak efficiencies. FREE shipping & BEST Pricing on all 22.5" Commercial truck tires for your semi tractor, long haul trailer, dually truck, and more! To offer you a better browsing experience, this site uses cookies. By : Why Tire Size is Important . Fig. Tractor and agricultural vehicle tyres can be compared to passenger tyres and commercial vehicle tyres in one aspect - the properties they can deliver on certain surfaces. A tire size can be composed also in three sets of numbers: like 16x6.50-8, 31x15.50-15.3 or 25x12.00-12. 125/70R14 = 20.9X4.9R14. R1 is a standard tread and is used primarily for general dry-land farming.  These tires have the shortest lug height and the narrowest spacing between lugs. Learn more. Group 44 290/90R38. NOTE: Table shows target rolling circumference and should NOT be used to calculate front wheel lead. June 12, 2018 0. Too much positive slippage, or leading, can cause the front tires to do too much work and become less efficient. Its design provides excellent traction and self-cleaning proper ... BK 627 is a block pattern tire suitable for transport and soil tillage operations with trailers and implement machinery. The codes listed here are a guide only. 185/80R13 = 24.7x7.3R13. Group 48. SUPER ALL TRACTION™ FWD TIRE [R-1] Firestone's Super All Traction FWD Tire is designed for front positions on MFWD tractors and is a perfect mate for the SAT 23° Tire. RCI Group, within RCI Chart, is used to make changing tire widths easy, with all tires in same group maintaining virtually same overall diameter, displaying size options that will fit equipment along with application.
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