by Joseph2012 . The plug usually shows up as an area with a different color than the rest of the coin, indicating that the purity of the silver in the plug may differ than that of the rest of the coin. Silver dollars have a $1.00 face value but are at least 90% silver. Flowing Hair silver dollars were minted only in 1794 and 1795. The deliveries totaled 203,033 pieces, but this includes many examples of the Draped Bust design, which was adopted in the middle of the year. However, it must be remembered that this mintage total includes both the Flowing Hair type and 42,738 of the Draped Bust design. This page was last updated: 11-Jan 15:35. I do not know if it was genuine or fake and what may have cost. Silver Melt: $20.62 Value: As a rough estimate of this coins value you can assume this coin in average condition will be valued at somewhere around $861, while one in certified mint state (MS+) condition could bring as much as $53,607 at auction. 1795 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar ($1 Coin, 3 Leave) - PCGS Certified - Rare Coin! 1794 Flowing Hair silver dollars are extremely rare and valuable in any grade. Seller: Northern Nevada Coin. Information: Krause number: KM# 18: Country: USA: Denomination: 1 dollar: Year: 1795-1798: Subject: Draped Bust Dollar: Period: United States of America (1792 - 1859) Coin type: Circulation coins: Composition: Silver 0.893: Edge type: Lettered: Edge description 'HUNDRED CENTS ONE DOLLAR OR … Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Q. David Bowers believes that dies dated 1795 were used in later years to create more 1795 dated dollars. The design of the 1795 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar was replaced in the fall with the Draped Bust Dollar design. Professional Coin Grading Services is a division of Collectors Universe, Inc. Get free numismatic news from leading coin experts, in-depth articles, market summary videos, surveys & more! Q. David Bowers believes that dies dated 1795 were used in later years to create more 1795 dated dollars. Free shipping. Watch; 1795 Draped Bust Dollar, 3 Leaf, NGC VF35- Higher Grade - Perfect for Type Set. The Flowing Hair dollar was the first dollar coin issued by the United States federal government. Customs services and international tracking provided, Leave feedback about your eBay search experience - opens in new window or tab. Shipping not specified. SKU: FED-40 Categories: Early American Coins, Post Colonial America. Also, click here to Learn About Grading Coins. Collectors Universe, Inc. disclaims any warranties whatsoever with respect to the accuracy of the PCGS3000® or any specific coin index. They differ in Suffix, Minor Variety, and Die Variety only. Find the current Flowing Hair Dollar values by year, coin varieties, and specific grade. Silver $27.16 (-0.01) 01-07 7:48 PM EST PCGS3000 ® The PCGS3000 ® reflects the opinions of PCGS’s coin price experts with respect to indexes developed by PCGS for specific coin categories. 1795 Silver Dollar - Real Or Fake. Posted by LA Gold on January 26, 2018 in Antiques & Collectibles , Appraisal & Insurance , Coins , Gold , Silver At Los Angeles Gold & Silver we receive many phone calls each week with customers curious about the value of their silver dollars. Original 3 leaves. A number of silver coins were recovered as well, including the first and only US silver dollar found on a shipwreck, a 1795 Flowing Hair Dollar, and a scarce 1815/2 Capped Bust Half Dollar. CH AU • Comparing the 1795 Flowing Hair to other silver dollars of the period, it might be relatively available. Buy It Now; Free Shipping; 26 Watching. 1795 Draped Bust Silver Dollar Small Eagle Replica $ 20.00. The PCGS3000® reflects the opinions of PCGS’s coin price experts with respect to indexes developed by PCGS for specific coin categories. Author: Replies: 33 / Views: 33,516: Page: of 3 danteacher. The two most common varieties deal with the number of leaves under each of the eagle's wings on the reverse of the coin. In 1804 production of the denomination was halted, only to make an unusual come back in 1834 when the famous 1804 Silver Dollars were minted. The 1795 silver dollar's 203,033 mintage isn't very impressive. The 1795 off-center bust, known as variety B-14 or BB-51, is unique to the date and an obvious bad numismatic choice for a family of differently dated counterfeits! Chief Engraver Robert Scot designed the Flowing Hair Silver Dollar. C $3,015.12. The year 1795 also represents a transitional period for the young silver dollars. USA 1 dollar, 1795-1798 Draped Bust Dollar. Watch; 1795 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar ($1 Coin, 3 Leave) - PCGS Certified - Rare Coin! Genuine 1795 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar - RARE Silver Plug - PCGS. Seller: Bonanza Coins. Description Reviews (0) Description This was only the second year that our nation struck One Dollar … 4 Posts. C $3,287.99. Dollar. Coins Category: Dollars Series: Bust Dollars Type: Flowing hair Years for Type: 1794-1795 Strike: Business Denomination: Silver dollar. or Best Offer. We do our best to provide precise spot prices; however, during times of market volatility, prices may not be to-the-minute accurate. 1795 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar 3 Leaves PCGS Genuine VG Details. Next Page | Last 15 Replies . More of the Same 1794 … The Related Coins all share the same Category, Prefix, and Major Variety as this Coin. New Member. The Melt Value shown below is how Valuable the Coin's … Draped Bust Dollar. The 1795 Silver Dollar is much more common, but the demand from type collectors keeps the prices high. $2,248.39. Chapman3/1907:366 - T. James Clarke Collection - New Netherlands 11/1956:612 - Jacque C. (Mrs. Alfred) Ostheimer Collection - Lester Merkin9/1968:320 - Stack's 10/1986:102 - Hain Family Collection - Stack's 1/2002:1500 - D. Brent Pogue Collection, Cardinal/Hesselgesser Collection - Goldbergs 5/2011:872, $138,000, Stack's/Bowers 8/2011:7387, $172,500 - Heritage 8/2014:5592, $129,250, Dr. Hesselgesser Collection - Goldbergs 5/2011:868, $74,750, Dr. Hesselgesser Collection - Goldbergs 9/5/2011:5010, $71,875. In October 1795 the design … Home » Silver Dollars » Draped Bust Dollar (1795-1804) My Collection × My Collection. Top Rated Plus. Posted: 01/06/21. 1796 Draped Bust Small Eagle Silver Dollar The Draped Bust theme was first used on United States coinage in 1795. The Lady Liberty image was changed in 1795. Silver plugs appear on some varieties and not others, though new examples are discovered with some regularity. It was issued from 1794 to 1795. Was: Previous Price C $2,998.26 6% off. The coin was minted in 1794 and 1795; its size and weight were based on the Spanish dollar, which was popular in trade throughout the Americas.. The first was the old copper cents of 1793 to 1807, while the second was the silver dollars struck from 1794 to 1804. Silver dollars of 1794-1795 were illegal. Draped Bust Dollars were the second type of silver dollars minted in the United States. Silver dollar values are on the move. From United States; 1795 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar ($1 Coin, 3 Leave) - PCGS Certified - Rare Coin! To participate in the forum you must log in or register. USA Coin Book Estimated Value of 1795 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar (Silver Plug Variety) is Worth $4,970 in Average Condition and can be Worth $134,272 to $1,595,569 or more in Uncirculated (MS+) Mint Condition. $5,997.50. Menu. Current silver melt value* for a 1795 No mint mark is $20.4 and this price is based off the current silver spot price of $26.37 This value is dynamic so bookmark it and comeback for an up to the minute silver melt value.