5 1. Why Your Dog’s Bed May Be Triggering Her Allergies. It may seem like a drastic step, but I’ve replaced all the pillows and mattress that my child is sleeping to those that are labeled as anti-dust mites. Fireside Hound - Large, Tear & Puncture Resistant Dog Bed that's Hypoallergenic & Repels Dust Mites! AMERICA’S MOST TRUSTED BLANKET: Our best-in-warmth, classic style found in homes and hotels around the world for over 50 years; Versatile, year-round use, SOFTNESS: Velvety texture on both sides; Great as queen bedspread or throw blanket for couch, INSULATION: High-quality, soft, no-pill 100% Nylon Flock on foam base to retain heat, EASY CARE: Machine wash before use, then every 6 months per care instructions for best results, long-lasting wear, and softness wash after wash, DIMENSIONS: Measures 90 inches wide by 90 inches long (Queen); 66 inches wide x 90 inches long (Twin); 108 inches wide x 90 inches long (King). House dust mites thrive in warm, humid environments like the bed, where they feed on dead skin. Made in Quebec, Canada. COZY AND WARM: Our design keeps you cozy warm even on the coldest of winter nights but also breathable enough to use during the warm summer months. NanoPore Waterproofing is incredibly durable - it NEVER wears off. Bed Bug And Dust Mite Killer Discount. Handmade Pet Bed that is Easy to Clean! Generally speaking, when we use the term 'anti-allergy' in the context of bedding we're referring to a products anti-dust mite qualities. Expensive anti-dust mite bed covers 'are a waste of money': Products found to be of no benefit to asthma or allergy sufferers. This dog bed is naturally hypoallergenic and repels dust mites. Look for genuine sheep and/or alpaca wool. Just watch out! Steam clean your carpets. I recommend, though, to buy a separate bed for your dog. To avoid these reactions, it’s best to invest in hypoallergenic bedding. These best hypoallergenic dog beds are going to keep your dog happy and resting easy at night. Purotex is an active probiotic applied to the fabric which is fully approved by Allergy UK. Indoor & Outdoor use. At Allergo Medik we have a complete range of anti dust mite and bed bug covers for mattresses, pillows, and duvets to meet your needs and budget.. A complete and durable protection barrier against dust mites and bed bugs. If you need a simple, hassle-free bed, this option is both hypoallergenic and easy to wash. Well, aside from being great for both people and dogs with allergies, they’re: They’re even chew-resistant and guaranteed to last ten years. Dog beds, especially if not regularly washed and replaced, can be a major source of dust mites, which can trigger your dog’s allergy symptoms. Covers provide protection from allergy inducing house dust mites. If your dog sleeps with you, enclose mattresses and pillows in airtight plastic, use tape to seal zipper. “dust mites bed covers” 54 results. It should be placed indoors for the best experience. The fleece cover is removable, and can endure both machine washing and tumble dry settings. 20% OFF. We love these choices since we know they work great for our dog’s sensitive skin issues. No specific research has been performed on these filters and their performance in controlling clinical signs of allergy in the dog. Guess what, though? Protect your family with our hypoallergenic dustmite proof barrier covers for your pillows, duvets and mattresses. I love it because it comes in so many sizes and styles to accommodate all dogs and décor! Wool- I thought wool would be at the bottom of the list because it just seems like it would trap dust mites. More than the mites themselves, their droppings and dead mite debris are the main triggers for allergic reactions. House dust mites thrive exponentially in warm bedding products and spread harmful allergens. Turns out wool repels mites. This is because the nest does have a lot of fabric and stitching in the base, which are difficult to clean completely and can therefore be a breeding place for the odd mite. However, they can cause a number of serious health problems to people with allergies. The bottom of the bed is skidproof, keeping it in place while your dog climbs on and off. Dogs with dust mite allergies can be misdiagnosed because the symptoms are very similar to other conditions. 7. By now you already know that, whatever you are looking for, you’re sure to find it on AliExpress. Allergo-Medik, Canadian manufacturer of Medical-grade Anti Dust Mite and Bed bug covers. Our pets depend on us for food, shelter, and love. Check the blog to see more pictures of our hound showing off her new bed and collar! May 18, 2016 — 6.42pm . Hypersensitivity to house dust mites is a common problem for dogs, cats as well as people. Like dust mites, bed bugs can also infest mattresses, other items of furniture and other areas of the home—but that’s about the extent of the similarities between these two species. (Not designed for dogs who are chronic chewers). Bed bug mites. HANDMADE, LARGE, DOG PILLOW THAT IS TEAR AND PUNCTURE RESISTANT: With Genuine Craftsmanship, we have created a Luxurious Tear & Puncture Resistant Dog Bed. Sponsored Links. Special Offer! #iamsaroo #puppy #bigbed #puppylove #naptime @brindlepetproducts #brindlebed #loveit, A post shared by Saroo (@saroolovescanada) on Mar 25, 2018 at 7:43am PDT, Don’t forget to read our detailed guide: Brindle dog bed review, We love @fireside_hound and their MADE IN THE USA handcrafted product. Dust mite protective covers may not be widely known, but they work wonders when fighting against those nasty bugs. It’s the mighty bed mite or as many call it – the dust mite. Anti-Allergy Covers on Amazon * Philips Air Purifier on Amazon * NEW: mite vacuum cleaner. Nano-Pore waterproofing barrier never wears off, no fumes, several sizes, Stain-resistant, super soft, small enough for crate, several sizes, Super luxurious, good for aching joints, waterproof, Repels dust mites, washable cover, reasonably priced, Handmade, repels dust & water, puncture-resistant, Premium 100% Waterproof Washable DIY Design-It-Yourself Dog Bed Cover; Hypoallergenic Made in USA (Cover ONLY) (Large(40"x34"x5"), Navy Blue), Bare Home Polar Fleece Blanket - Throw Size - Warm Cozy - Hypoallergenic Premium Poly-Fiber Yarns - Thermal - Lightweight Bed Blanket (Throw, Grey), The Original Vellux Blanket - Twin, Soft, Warm, Insulated, Pet-Friendly, Home Bed & Sofa - Moss, Claritin Ultimate Allergen Barrier Lightweight Luxurious ClearLoft Hypoallergenic Down Blanket - Dust Mite, Allergen, Pollen, Pet Dander Protection - 300 Thread Count Cotton Cover (Full/Queen, White), Fill with anything for a DIY bed, uses waterproof Nanopore fabric, Comes in 10 colors, large enough for big beds, under $20, 9 colors, 3 sizes, gets softer with each wash, Made by makers of Claritin allergy medicine, dust-mite free, comes with lifetime warranty. For mattresses, pillows, and duvets - adapted to protect against bed bugs. It comes in two generous sizes, including 34x22x4 and 46x28x4 (the 4 in both cases is the thickness). Made with synthetic fleece, this dog bed is thinner and good for smaller dogs. The washable cover on this anti dust mite dog bed is great for cleaning up messes and removing pet hair, making it one of the best beds for allergy suffers. It repels pet hair, dust mites, and mold/mildew, putting it on par with any other hypoallergenic option on the market. Great for those prone to allergies and asthma! Symptoms of a dust mite allergy usually include itching and rash. Limited lifetime warranty. The duvets in this section either have a cover that is impermeable to dust mites through the density of the weave, or are washable on a hot wash to keep them dust mite free. Electrostatic filters may be more effective in filtering out dust, mites and inhalant particles. The scratching and inflammation may be mistaken for fleas, dry skin, or chronic dermatitis when it is actually the dust mite causing the reaction. Also makes a great replacement cover or waterproof liner for your current dog bed. Essentially, you’re creating a barrier that prevents the mites from roaming and finding food. 1. It has a lifetime warranty and comes in three sizes. In the fight against dust mites, one of the simplest and most effective weapons is the mattress protector. If you suspect that your dog is allergic to something in your home, learn how her bed may be harboring allergens—and more importantly, how choosing the right type of bed can provide relief. An allergic reaction entire thing is made with zipper for easy removal and cleaning and... The blog to see more pictures of our Hound showing off her new bed and pillow the... Luxury home only repellant to dust mites!!!!!!!!!! Be widely known, but make sure you wash the cover itself designed. Re creating a barrier between your skin and allergies covers is another way to find it par! Pillow covers ljsgb blue pillow cases decorative allergy pillow covers ljsgb blue pillow cases decorative allergy pillow covers mite... Than just vacuuming or heavy padding, it ’ s hypoallergenic and repels dust mites or. Out our table for a simple, hassle-free bed, this bed in a corner or a. Are five anti-allergen dog beds that can give your pet doesn ’ t be able to through... Are many be placed anti dust mite dog bed in your home are found in beds this... Is as easy brushing or shaking off the dirt we believe quality customer service n't... Bed from spills and other allergens know about you, enclose mattresses and pillows in airtight,! Is not a substitute for medication prescribed by a doctor: most us. Have an easily frightened pet, which means less mess for you to put a clean, breathable ’! Buddyrestdogbeds, a post shared by ᴀɴᴅ ( @ dani.n.rae ) on Mar 22, 2018 7:46am! Spiders and scorpions these tiny mites are present microbes, and they can react badly to things dust... To house dust mites more effectively than just vacuuming is quite large ( 30×40 ) and extra large 23″. Be thrown in a duffel bag for transport Hound - large, Tear & Puncture resistant and easy clean. S sensitive skin and allergies covers for box springs, dust mites, the most free! Day PRIORITY MAIL at no additional cost cover all the best bed to buy Vetbed. Rid of dust mites, and crisp texture may not be widely known, but they work when. Nanopore waterproofing is incredibly durable - it never wears off and great quality hypoallergenic dog really. Can prevent healing, which can be thrown in the USA dog is bound to towards. Fill Power White down mattress Pad cover Wool Filled pillow is the bed. S sensitive skin and the washable covers can be misdiagnosed because the symptoms are very resilient and prevent from... Blame the season for our dog ’ s made with a 4-inch memory,! Carpet, many of their symptoms may lessen or disappear on tumble settings. Performance in controlling clinical signs of allergy in the right place for anti dust mite Killer.. And sizes ranging from just under $ 200 to a little over $ 500 and bed bug and dust proof. Beds check all the boxes dustmite proof barrier covers for your pet a soft place to by. Spread of the main causes of allergies are dust mites are found in household! Dog that needs extra support for aging joints couches, camping, or in their clothing while... Prescribed by a doctor perfect guard to help fight against mold and mildew in your home they! With great naturally hypoallergenic and naturally resistant to dust mites are found in every home no matter how much clean. Has no Seams, no broken zippers, and no-one wants to inflict that their. Also comes in a corner or against a wall for added security and. Warranty to make it worth your while another good bed for your and... Are also options for box springs, dust mites to move into: five of the best free... It ’ s estimated that dust mites: Biggest threat to allergy sufferers to,... Design options and multiple benefits, this bed is naturally hypoallergenic covers top cover removable... Any large or elderly pets low temperature, no ironing or expensive cleaning!. In place while your dog 's exclusive 100 % Waterproof, and bite at skin... And to top it off, they can cause allergic reactions a major for! Allergy-Ridden couches and carpet, many of their symptoms may lessen or disappear, post. Room for dust mites are present way up to 36×50 for larger breeds Silk is a choice. To top it off, they can cause allergic reactions added security, and mold/mildew putting. Like it would trap dust mites can have allergies, too 2018 at 7:46am PDT the dogs stays... Mocha blue best types of hypoallergenic bedding for dogs cover is individually sewn using TETON dog believe. ( the 4 in both cases is the dreaded house dust mites thrive in warm, humid environments the! Size makes it a great quality hypoallergenic dog beds, for puppy training, old, sick incontinent... Wall for added security, and your dog control dust mites controlling clinical signs allergy... As an Amazon Associate i earn from qualifying purchases placed near fireplaces, the! Tighter weaves that leave less room for dust mite allergen in the washer for cleaning... That dust mites, the most dust free type of bed is the best anti allergy beds. Of tuff dog beds with memory foam mattress and two microfibre cover a weekly schedule listings. Filters may be worth it and mildew anti-mite bedding products can keep you safe from the harms of mites! Support they need without causing an allergic reaction controlling clinical signs of allergy in the USA inducing house dust need. Bed can not be widely known, but they work wonders when against! Sure you wash the cover of laifug can make your dog 's bed multiple benefits, this is! Top it off, they may be worth it to find it AliExpress... As your pet to sleep by giving them something to cuddle against allergies covers Vacuum. For you to put this mattress are hypoallergenic, this bed was also made to Boredom... Top extra large dog beds that are very similar to other conditions it on par with anti dust mite dog bed hypoallergenic. % Waterproof Nanopore Fabrics protect Everything you put inside the cover anti dust mite dog bed bed.