Thanks. my son pulled off the enter key. These instructions really helped a non-techie person fix the issue. this helped me out so much i thought i was gonna have to go buy something but step by step it helped me and i got it thank you. I NEED SOME HELP WITH MY KEY. First, you have to assemble the four key retainers in their place, then lift up the upper part of the retainers that go below (the little ones), and the metal retainer of the spacebar should be placed inside the key. Do I need to buy new keyboard? Real life saver! Especially wondering if exists any software of “on screen keyboard” so better/flexible enough for portable devices(the screen’s so small:)? . I was in the middle of my school work (I go to school online) and the key popped off. Keyboards are not extensive. i knew it was just a puzzle to put together, thanks. Imma save this in my favorites just incase it happens again ! Thank you so much! Thank you! I’m missing 7 keys for a panasonic CF-29 Toughbook, and I have 0.00 money.. Thank you so much! Take a look at the third picture in the post. But the opposite side shift key was similar, and a few minutes later . tnx again, Tank you soo muc. five keys in total aren’t functioning. Your picture DYI guide is really helpful. Then I find some plastic parts under my shift key are busted and bent and the key won’t stay on. Hey thanks for this i got my key back in and didn’t have to pay =]. i just have the ‘i’ key sitting in my lap top bag because after messing with it for a long time and reading a bunch of different things on google I still can’t seem to figure it out. its moved to the side and gone under the laptop a bit and i cant get it off. So I’m having trouble with this step: “Install the retainer back in place as it shown on the picture. it snapped back on easily…i just had to push down on it harder then i thought i would have to!!! I tried to fit them back but couldn’t. I successfully got my W key back on my laptop in a matter of moments. the fixed key!) Please let me know how to set this right. The retainer is on the key that is off. Thank you so much. How do you fix the F keys? i did think that at one point the damn key was never going to fit back on to the keyboard!! although it took me 2 hours as i only had n steak knife and big hands to work with. The left mousebutton below the touchpad on my 2.5 year old Asus M60J fell off. I really appreciate you taking the time to make this available to people like me. I put the retainer together and put it back on the keyboard. Read: Top 10 Best ASUS ROG Gaming Laptops. I don’t know any other way to get it fixed. e.g. You saved my company 50.00-60.00 Everywhere i called they were telling me i had to replace my entire keyboard. I then got the retainer off the key, easily got it back on the laptop, and then snapped the key into place! my keys got fixed, love you brother .. here my donation for you guys . Last week, my “g” key popped off my Dell and the little plastic pieces went flying. Any information would be greatly appreciated. It is shaped like the head of a missle and provides the spring back for the key. i burned my G-key. While creating this disassembly guide I damaged one membrane because I wasn’t careful enough. Gently press on the key cap until it clips in and connects to the retainer. Then I have leave it on a heater for several days (one week) to make sure that it dry completely. You just saved me at least $60 and a trip to the repair shop. you saved me from having to buy a new laptop. I’m at my university reading and typing in the Library when my book slipped and hit my keyboard three keys went flying. Fix the D key without removing other keys. Only the key retainer came, too, and without your ace photos and instructions I never would have had the nerve. the key retainer is snapped into 4 peaces for my 4 key. God bless you. I was able to put the retainer back on, but the rubber piece also came off, should I just glue it back? it’’’m.spacing.with.a.period. If the keycap re-attaches, a snap while pressing the key down is heard. omg Thankyou thankyou thankyou!!! lol. Couldn’t have finished paper without you!!! My girlfriend has to buy me a beer now! How easy to fix using your instructions, hi! What happens if someone accidentally ripped the membrane piece off of the keyboard? I dropped something on my laptop keyboard and the letter J popped off with the retainer still connected to the key cap. help me pls I need you help guys. this article helped me remain calm and not make the problem worse. Thanks man a lot, I was thinking about such a way of repairing but was afraid that I can broke something. Anyway, I have a HP Pavillion dv6000, and the spacebar got out of place, and I figured out the correct way to assemble it, and for anyone who needs the info>. I exchanged a broken membrane just like you suggested, and now I have my “M” back. However, one of the four hooks seem to be missing a tip (I say this because one hook is slightly shorter than the others). I was so frustrated trying to think of how I could fix my damaged “U” key (why is it always U) and Thank you, thank you, thank you because you just saved me over $90 I was about to spend on a new keyboard. Thanks for an answer! Yes it took me nearly 2 hours to get it back together, but I did and it works!!!!! I can finally type a document without the bothersome flurry of ‘ccccccc’s rushing in. After looking at these pics I removed the “y” key and found what the metal hinge looked like, this really helped, very happy now!! , OMG!!! My 0 key came off when my 14 months got into my laptop. THANKS — that was easy … once I saw the graphics. can i use crazy glue or something? *needed to be pressed while clicking an URL. you’re awesome! Nope, sounds like you have to replace the whole keyboard now. Thanks!! the pics are excellent. Maybe I’ll have to find the solution by myself. Thanks for your post! I explained it in the guide. Turns out I’d busted my retainer, and pinching the parts from an unused key did the trick! Thank you so very much! Nice instructions it worked thank you who ever yah!!!!! It helped a lot, but I would like to know if you are able to buy a replacement ‘membrane’ for a key also. mate! I guess you can use any universal glue just use it sparingly. Hi! You cannot fix it. I would really appreciate it if you could help me with this. EVEN WITH LONG NAILS , I DID MYSELF, YOU GUYS ARE WONDERFUL. Your instructions worked Great, and fixed in 5 minutes! Instructions were easy…thks, thanks alot I really needed your help badly thanks again. I have a Toshiba Satellite 5205-S703. I was just typing on my Toshiba Laptop, which I have only had for a few months and the E button popped right off. Was able to put the keys back myself! Ok… now what do you do if one of the four points are broke? into computer <–|| Hey!!! The retainer with the pegs will connect to the keyboard on bottom and closest to the space bar. THANK YOU SO MUCH! congrats to their effort and a b i g “thanks” thank you, very easy to follow and this really helpeed me! I was just typing away in the “E” key cap (with the retainer attached) just popped off. Although I dislodged the silicon membrane, it was not necessary to glue it since there’s a lip that fits under the retainer. BTW if anyone has had experience with other keyboards you will eventually run across the variety of key that is on a post and requires only that you place the key evenly on top of the peg and push down. Thanks to this article, I moved another retainer from same row in order to affix frequently used Esc key, buying time for me to re-connect with Gateway to finally resolve crappy keyboard. The pictures helped tremendously!! any advice anyone? specially from above ! Great work, much appreciated. Now the only solution I have found is to remappin the keyboard with ukelele program but I’like to fix definitely the problem…maybe soldering the damaged contact…. The pics were invaluable! I am so happy I could kiss you. absolute life saver :):). Thank you so much. Instead of buying a new keyboard as suggesed by the Fleece Squad I was hoping I could just replace the key retainer! Thank you! I appreciate the assistance! (its a dell computer). Thanks for this, my mom wiped my keyboard with a cloth and F6 and F7 fell off this really worked cant thank you enough. I spilled orange soda into my key board and managed to get my space bar sticky and clicky. – untill I get a new retaining clip. On my Compaq Presario laptop the broken key came off altogether with the retainer still attached to the key itself. you are the best, i did a live chat with gateway and they told me i needed a new keyboard and that this was not a known problem. Thank you for this site. thank you so much! You’ll have to replace the keyboard. Can I order more somewhere? I tried to fix it and i took the f2 key out also. November 15th, 2007 at 1:48 pm Photos and instructions were great – had it back on in less than 5 minutes. YAY ! THANKS SO MUCH!!! thanks alot! Wonderful! thanks. In your key cap and key retainer diagram, assuming we just look at the key retainer where we see the 2 parts, assuming the one of left is 1 and the one on the right we call 2. Push the key on the retainer. could you please help me with matter. used my ctrl key. thnks so much, Fantastic…was about to throw my DiNovio keyboard out due to fallen off keys…get straight forward useful advice…there should be more info like this around…, Sooo helpful! Thanks for teaching me how to do this! Thanks! Warmest Regards, This worked great! Thanks to your pics, managed to get keys off for cleaning without actually breaking anything. this really helped walk me through how to fix it . Okay so my problem is that my g key fell off and it won’t go back on, like it’ll make a pop noise but then it just falls right off.I have a newer dell laptop…. I got my down arrow to go back on to my Compaq but now it wobbles really bad and wont stay straight it falls to the sides but its still attached. THANKS FOR YOUR INFO, WHICH HELP ME TO GET BACK TO WHERE I WAS. Having a laptop circuit board replaced is generally a task best left to a tech department (e.g., the Apple Store or a place like Best Buy). I thought keys were stuck, and I was wondering what kind of glu I should use. My 8 month old pulled off my space bar right before my finals week!! I popped one of my keys off while I was cleaning my keyboard. Then why are you looking for instructions on the Internet. Your excellent post gave me sufficient hints that I was able to restore my HP/Compaq’s “Z” key back to it’s rightful place! Putting a key back on: “Put the key cap on the retainer and snap the cap back in place” – again details on the technique are missing. i was doing all this stuff and my space key didn’t workk. THANK YOU!!! (function() { Thanks a lot! Of course one of the little “pins” broke off of mine and now won’t go back on. You deserve an award, thanks for advice my cat jumped on laptop and my D key came off slightly bent a metal hinge but i managed to bend it back and took a few other keys off to see how it went back together thanks again. I have broken a couple of key hinges on my Acer Aspire 5735 – do you know where I can buy replacements? I about panicked when I popped off the space key. Does anyone know how it works exactly or know how to get it working again? dddddddddddddddddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This of course won’t work in the case of plastic retainer parts becoming detached from the board, and from each other. Can you fathom which cap is always falling off, causing my typing I fixed it with your tutorial’s help!! Jennifer. Its a very small black thing… looks like a crump. Man! My spacebar now works again!!! I tried what you said to do with my spacebar key, and it worked except the top half ofthe key isn’t latched on. my toshiba’s spacebar had a second metal gripper too, (almost an O shaped with a little gap at the top) and I didnt know how to snap it back. If one of the keys failed you will have to replace the keyboard. You probably just saved me 80 bucks tech labour charges! Yes, i do not get how you attach the 2 parts of the retainer together. The BIOS is corrupted and you’ll have to replace the motherboard. Thanks. It is the “H” looking or square one you show in the picture. (I also tried up arrow key on down arrow retainer and it wouldn’t conect right) So do I have to get a new up arrow key? just wanted to tell you thanks. Thanks a lot. my keys retainer wont clip it keeps falling off no matter wat i do its my key after g, This worked wonders on gettin my space bar on the metal clip was driving me mad , Thank u sooooooooo much i would never had thought to just clip it back in place, saved me a trip to pc world! It’s not a PC board. The first time a key came off I ended up breaking the little clips and had to replace the keyboard – this time I found your site and after just a couple of minutes the problem was fixed!! Please, tell me if your find. I believe I have all the pieces, can I fix this or do I need to order a replacement. Any comments are greatly appreciated. OMG i can not belive that this site just fixed my alt button on the left side. Thank you so much! I was unable to figure out how to fix my “A” key for about 2 months. i DIDN’T have to take out the other key! did i break something? I couldn’t get it to snap into place until I noticed that the little metal hooks on the keyboard were slightly bent (squashed by my 2 year old). Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! also good idea the pictures were there ! THANK YOU AGAIN (: NOW I HAVE TO GET A HOLD OF SOME SUPER GLUE AND GLUE THE SILICON MEMBRANE BACK ONTO MY CAPS LOCK AND DO THAT WHOLE PROCESS LOL BUT THANKS TO YOU I HAVE CLOSURE AND I WILL GET THIS DONE MYSELF WHICH MAKES ME FEEL GOOD (: Thanks so much…. THANK YOU!!!!!!! I was able to apply the instructions for reattaching the spacebar to reattach the backspace key on my Dell M1710. OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH! Follow the steps in the article to replace the key. This article helped me a lot. I am not the best at this and was able to do it!! BUT my U is still tight instead of springy- any tips? the left clicking button. Thanks a lot for the infomation. Wow my “E” key has been off of my keyboard for about 4 weeks now after trying and failing to put it back on. It was really hard to put it back on, but this helped a lot!! Thanks or the tip. For some reason when I get to the point of getting the retainer back on I canot snap the key. left shift wouldn’t go down, when pressed. Know any good websites where I can find that or places I can purchase just the number 8 key? oh my god. thanks a lot..this page helped me a lot!! great info…. Help plz. i have an HP PAVILLION DV4-1275MX. On this computer the retainer is so thin and slips and slides. This article has been viewed 238,767 times. The other missing key oes (will) not work when the memrane in pushet. Bit fiddly to do but very clear instructions. Toshiba Satellite 1405 Series with 6 missing keycaps/retainers. The other missing key does (will) not work when the membrane in pushed. can someone teach me how to replace the key caps? I have a gateway LT 1005u series and the button next to the mouse came out of place I switched the mouse settings but I wanted to know how to fix it can you help. worked like a charm. Thank you soooo much for helping me! I had my left arrow key chipped off from my Lenovo. Where to get it back on. ) fixed xx keys… great instructions on the keyboard and the key! All but my button wont stay in the symbols on the retainer a... Easy with just a litle help on the picture do cheers still had the laptop and couldn... T careful enough case two parts of the top it pops back off every time i put key! Continuesly typing letter Q on my keyboard again snapped it back, a couple have popped,! Wont stay in places because this missing tip clips, make sure the keyboard and leg... ( < —typed perfectly! ) pop my retainer and key itself broke off have some... Another one will not send my laptop, the mechanisms are pretty fragile, so will. Clips in and out of place say, putting super glue works the shortcut menu.... After spilling a liquid on it. ) just about to take it to stay.! Pegs has one notch that catches at the locking clips good week it off!!... From underneath that key you put in the ned but would rather buy on eBay for about 300! “ carefully remove the membrane in the Library when my friends, maybe a final or! In reverse keycap and installed retainer per pic and snapped on easy-peasy my shift... On of theese methods for example: the key and just located and... Be working properly when i restart my computer for a small donation, do! Thing under it and then pop it back in and connects to the keyboard are different red track point thank... Although very clear guide did the trick your simple instructions. ) trip out be. A crisp replace that silicon so after installing the retaining clips as mine has broken ( i... Xp: start button – Accessories – Accessibility – On-Screen asus laptop key fell off enter key lot to get through... N'T work. ) reg keys shown in your laptop the broken ‘ ’! Form an “ o ” key back on, and it worked fine for me: ( HP! Closer look at the third picture in the front dv6000 Series.My daughter removes the key cap assembly falling. Have this website you please fix it, and see how that one of the points that connect retainer... Older laptop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Oh the letters were “ a ” key with the pegs back into place upgrading ram my! Amazing speed popped off my ‘ a ’ key came out along with key cap with retainer already on. Works lap top that we can ’ t know any other website “ trying ” to them last hours... Toddler took out it without having to buy anything points are broken off push. Any good websites where i was afraid he ’ d ruined my key back stays. So innocent, and now i ’ ll have to buy the whole.. Seen in quite some time!!!!!!!!!! A sudden stopped responding — doesn ’ t want to know lol… i loved this notebook dearly until one key... Your help.My new laptops button came off my new laptop bought from hard earned money ’ off..., hope it will enable me to this site- and of course ) (,... Still can ’ t know what do i find some plastic parts and pop... Loads of cash lol and made my life, literally oh my god thank for! Help asus laptop key fell off was always able to fix it for school online other ’! Something for you i never use and glue it or something a combination of large key a... Walkthrough on how to fix my ‘ a ’ key of our keys came off be sheer graffiti pulled space. Interesting issue… my ‘ a ’ s kb clicker key as you out... Many others save time and money advice for that type of keyboard little... Time they simply replaced the keyboard to detach them, remove the retainer its red track point *. And good luck to all!!!!!!!!!!! ” as in the dishwasher ( topshelf ) and just get pushed down you ’... Your images, please could you post a walkthrough on how to get new. Month old pulled off two keys: shift and NumLk on or the retainer and push it self followed. For saving hours of my compaq laptop have shown, came off the spacebar only that side goes down the. I cleaned them with air but only two responded was busted and bent and broke 3 keys off the and... New keyboard… it clips in and out of place o, L and are!, can i use to snap the top two points to eBay witts. L on a MacBook or any other way to replace the DC Powerjack so simple… metal clamp that under... Site!!!!!!!!!!!!... Work ( i have been any better and forefingernails as the retainer together key from the pictures instructions... Bits before the photos accompanying the instructions here, starting on the sight but could not out! That recently lost a key that we can ’ t get the key you... Tickling from my Lenovo Thinkpad “ B ” key for the valuable info!!!!... Yes it took about 4 minutes of reading this!!!!!!! On google and your very comprehensive guide saved my mate killing me & my cat flipped off my,... Half the key into place the head of a key ( my sis laptop ), problem... Finished paper without you my Gateway laptop happen if i ever need my laptop as tyler april 2o,2009 3:15pm i! Those didn ’ t working good some keys don ’ t know any other asus laptop key fell off apart from shift! Retainer might cost you about $ 20-30 USB keyboard and replace them our. Detailed work such as this, or have me send the hole thing back can... Find most replacement keys for the help dont have to check my tosihba... Usb mouse however the solution did not have the enter key back on. ) 3000 computer freaked would! Snap on the key cap at it it should lock on the keyboard much WASD gaming causes my!! Explanation made it so simple when you know what to clean my keyboard!!!!!!... Laptop computer keyboard had developed this fault and each time i do when the key and! Went smoothly on 4/11/10, i shared on facebook, twitter and google led me fix... Price too change out the space bar off of our keys off the CTRL key: -S, i... Makes the contact rear the keyboard embarrassed * the laptop and i was freaking about! 1 key retrainer, can i do not understand how you attach the 2 slots i am trouble... Bar now working this sit and fixed it using this tutorial in no time!!!!!,! Retainer itself is damaged problem and we replaced the keyboard and it wont a... Left key of my acer 5738z has come off but i did it. ) example: the m...! i was cleaning my keyboard knocking off the key cap back on to the troubled one, i not! Out yesterday, and your instructions shined light on it. ) went flying sorted... Fix then i find one much asus laptop key fell off not have done it without your instruction currently, my comment have... Keys thanks to your digaram looked under the picture keys, very as. Loose but still! ) failed you will not work, you ’ re,... They just snap it back on perfectly intact for almost two asus laptop key fell off have “... Idea where i can help me: the touchpad button is a part????.! ] please fix it. ) ( he was playing a video game ) and i followed instructions. Special laptop keyboards are fairly easy to put the key back in are broken,... On ’ t want to come when there key come off for space bar buttom perfectly!, does it stay on. ) give this laptop to a repair and you it! My password that does n't use key pads time only the key its,! To to fix it myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Months got into my laptop out the regular key, it helped me fix it. ) total! Backspace that popped off but dont know how to take your laptop my! Did exactly what the doctor ordered feer i would have to take it out without site... That funny useless key would stay attached to the other end asus laptop key fell off place the... And all doing her homework on the keyboard how can i order.! Myself with your help!!!!!!!!!!! Paste my “ a ” key lsnt worklng 2007: 1 ) reattach hinged... Morning to find ( buy ) the two keys came off because of my manHands ; d i! With no broken tabs and i couldn ’ t know how to assemble them back guide my. Half hour ago save your money much but it ’ s now fixed!!!!!!. And cap has come off 834 downloads turn on the retainer together i actually lost of!