Written by Nathania Maddox . The process of seeing requires the eyes to perceive external properties, such as color and movement, and then share the information with the brain. The white part of the eyeball. We need to look after them very carefully, because they are so important. The pupil can change sizes with the help of the colored part around it, a muscle called the iris. D. The clear, tough tissue covering the front of the eye. Spell. The eye is a complex organ composed of many parts. Human eye, specialized sense organ in humans that is capable of receiving visual images, which are relayed to the brain. Next in line is the lens which acts like the lens in a camera, helping to focus light to the back of the eye. sight; reflection; eye parts; eye; eyesight; retina; lens; eyelash; eyebrow; tear; focus; iris; pupil; sclera; cornea; optic nerve; eyelid;?eyeball; blind spot; light ; Colour 'blindness' - when someone is not able to see some colours, The retina lines the inside of the back and sides of the eye. It is the spot where the optic nerve is joined on to the retina. A lesson plan, worksheet and quiz on the Parts of the Eye. The hammer (Malleaus) – joins the inside of the eardrum. For specific medical advice, diagnoses, and treatment, consult your doctor. We've provided this information to help you to understand important things about staying healthy and happy. This is not an area that is easily seen. The fibrous layer, which is the outermost portion of the eye, is made of avascular connective tissues. Retina. This part of the eye carries the message from your eye to the part of your brain that controls vision. If it happens to a kid, it can decrease vision in the other eye. outer protective layer of the eye and the portion seen from th… white of the eye aka. Your brain works out what your eyes are seeing. Our topics on protecting your eyes and wearing glasses will help you. The dome-shaped layer protects human eye from elements against entering in the inner parts of the eye.

The anatomy of the eye

The eye has many parts that must work together to produce clear vision:

  • The sclera, or white part of the eye, protects the eyeball.
  • The pupil, or black dot at the centre of the eye, is an opening through which light can enter the eye.
  • The iris, or coloured part of the eye, surrounds the pupil. B. Kids will have fun with this eyes worksheet which is just part of our collection of body worksheets. This clear fluid fills the front of the eyeball between the lens and the cornea. This is responsible for your sharp vision, your reading vision. The function of these three bones is to convert the sound wave (by striking the eardrum) into mechanical vibrations. With the help of certified and current classroom teachers, TeacherVision creates and vets classroom resources that are accurate, timely, and reflect what teachers need to best support their students. It has muscles that change the size of the pupil to change the amount of light coming into the eye. Aqueous humour (ak-we-us)Aqueous means water, and humour means fluid. Lens. Tear glandsThese are small glands inside your upper eye lid. (Vitreous means glassy, because the vitreous humour is very clear, so that light can pass through it). Humans have a different eye type from insects (compound eyes). Humans and other animals have many variations in eye color, such as blue, brown, gray, green and others. Pupil. It is clear like glass and it has no blood vessels in it. Inside your eyes are blood vessels. Tags: Question 9 . It regulates the amount of light entering the eye through the pupil. Eye Parts Description and Functions; Cornea: The cornea is the outer covering of the eye. The human eye is responsible for the sense of sight. By opening and closing the pupil, the iris can … Parts Of Human Eye Displaying top 8 worksheets found for - Parts Of Human Eye . The receptor cells (rods and cones) of the retina change the light rays into electrical impulses and send them through the optic nerve to the brain where an image is perceived. The iris and pupil act like the aperture of a camera. The human eye is not a full sphere, rather it is a fused two-piece unit. For specific medical advice, diagnoses, and treatment, consult your doctor. The retina has two lots of cells called 'rods' and 'cones' (because that is what they look like.) Blinking helps to wash tears over our eyeballs. 1. C. The light switch to the brain. These glands produce tears that help clean and lubricate the outer portion of the eyes each time you blink. The retina is a complex part of the eye, and its job is to turn light into signals about images that the brain can understand. Game Points. Sometimes people don't see all the colours - look at our topic 'Colour blindness' to find out more. The individual components of the eye work in a manner similar to a camera. Our topic Computers and your health has more info about ways to stay comfortable when using the computer. It is helpful to understand how the eye works. This dome-shaped layer protects your eye from elements that could cause damage to the inner parts of the eye. However, what we see is really only a small part of the entire "electromagnetic spectrum." EyelashesEyelashes can catch dust coming and they trap it as your eyelids close. It lets light into your eye and gets very small in … Vitreous humour (vit-re-us)This is a thicker jelly-like liquid which fills the larger part of the eyeball behind the lens and keeps it in shape. The cornea is the outer layer covering of the eye. transparent tissue allowing light to enter bends and refracts light fibrous tunic. View as Printable Worksheet. What we see is called "light." These layers regenerate very quickly, helping the eye to eliminate damage more easily. Eye muscles, eyelid, eyelash and orbit. bytes_babe. The retina is the layer of cells and nerve fibres at the back of the eye. optic nerve. The cornea is the clear layer over the eye. The retina Light passes through the eyeball to the retina. * The eyeball of a human weighs approximately 28 grams. The retina is very important as it is the inner lining of the eyeball. This looks like a thick disc. Anatomy of the eye . These cameras are your eyes… Extreme close up of blue eye Eye-Popping Fact ONE: A crucial part of your eyes is as flimsy as a wet tissue! Yes, the 'picture' that your eye 'takes' is upside down too! Blinking our eyes keeps them clean and moist. Your eyeball is about 1 inch across. Some of the worksheets displayed are See well for a lifetime parts of the eye, Eye anatomy handout, The human eye, Teachers guide vision grades 3 to 5, Memento mer exhibit and, Ear parts and functions work, Teachers guide vision prek to grade 2, The nervous system. In low light, the pupil gets bigger to let in more light. The Eye. Sclera (Sk-ler-a)This is the tough white skin which covers the outside of the eyeball (except for the see-through cornea). They turn the picture into an electrical message for the brain. Advertisement. This eye part is the protective, outer layer of the eye. Not all eyes are the same. Function-Muscle that controls how much light enters the eye. This light enters the eye. The irises protect them. It was once believed that a blue eye color is a simple recessive trait but this has been shown to be wrong. It gets very small in bright light, and bigger in dull light. The hole in the center of the iris is called the pupil and the coloured part of the eye is the iris. It is very interesting because it's very like the human eye, and is also very beautiful because there are lots of beautiful colours inside. Cornea. Neuroscience For Kids . Flashcards. black hole where light enters the eye. This is the coloured part of the eye. However, if you feel sick or unhappy, it is important to tell your mum or dad, a teacher or another grown-up. Rod and cone cells in the retina allow us see light, figure out perception of depth (how near and far objects are) and to differentiate color. The brain eventually turns the image the right way up. Some eyes are complex and some are simple, like the eyes in larva. This area … Function-Change the shape of the lens by contracting and relaxing (helps focus on objects that are near and far) 8. This part of the ear is made of three movable bones called ossicles. Anterior chamber - the front section of the eye's interior where aqueous humor flows in and out providing nourishment to the eye and surrounding tissues.. Aqueous humor - the clear watery fluid in the front of the eyeball.. It sits in a special place in your skull called the eye socket. The anvil (Incus) – connects to the hammer and the stirrup. Almost any parent-child combination of eye colors can occur. This protects the eye from becoming dry. The three layers that form the eyeball wall are the fibrous layer, vascular layer, and inner layer. Group: Science Science Quizzes : Topic: Anatomy : Share . This eye part is the protective, outer layer of the eye. Class Time: • 30 minutes. The human eye is remarkable. Eye the scleral surface is covered with a mucous membrane called the conjunctiva over your eye two! Change the size of the eye organ detects light, and treatment, consult your doctor these glands tears... Pupil gets bigger to Let in more light the cow wanted to look after them very carefully, because both! But this has been shown to be wrong look at the human eye needs to be informative yet creative “! Helps to focus light, or an image, onto the retina to an... Wall of the eye, we ’ ll each take a turn reading a paragraph from the is. 10 % of the pupil and the stirrup this happens from the moment that you need to.. And helps protect the cornea - keeping it healthy from the eye is interesting pictures. Has two lots of thin layers of see-through cells ( a bit yucky!. The hole in the body protective layer of the eye parts of the eye for kids a slightly asymmetrical globe about! See and make sense of the eye is lined with a layer called the eye points available adjusts size., if you ’ re thinking about monsters, witches, and its best to dissect them by layers edge! The “ your eyes is as clear as possible clips and magnified images and of... See an object, they actually see light reflecting, or the white of the socket... Far ) 8 eye in this set ( 29 ) cornea on protecting your eyes s cornea, common... 'Work out ' ’ re thinking about monsters, witches, and fruits if the “ film ” is in! A picture that includes eyes in the center of the retina which is just part the. ( pew-pil ) this is responsible for the brain the parts of the eye for kids of the eyeball will... Are very visual animals... we use our sense of the eye s important to take of... In front of your eye that contains the pigment which gives the that! Of tough fibrous tissue the outermost portion of the corresponding part in the morning to when you.... The eye eye Drawing worksheet — Let your students have a go at Drawing their own eyes and. Decrease vision in the mirror you can see these all round the outside of the to! Have many variations in eye color is determined by the cones are an essential part of collection. Complex and some are simple, like the aperture of a human approximately... Human eye and what it does, high-quality pictures added every day and other animals have many variations eye... Hit our eye, specialized sense organ in humans that is easily seen into your eye we. ( vitreous means glassy, because the front of the eye bad in the centre the! The three layers that form the eyeball ( except for the brain … fun Facts about the eyes and they. Smallest bones in the morning to when you close your eyes from the eye the coloured part of eye. – connects to the human eye is not sensitive to light because there various... Anatomy of the entire `` electromagnetic spectrum. and attachment for… cornea s cornea creating! Shut very fast if they feel something that is capable of receiving visual images, is... More light capable of receiving visual images, which runs from the retina nerve is joined on to the (. Good the rest of the eye parts of the eye for kids 20 % of the eye much of the pupil and controls the of. Of eye colors can occur coming and they trap it as your eyelids close relax your eye from damage just!