This is the first time I have ever heard of these coins. The Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco Mints struck the most recent year 90% silver dollars. That is the reason, this coin is sold to the order of $250,000 or above. Morgan dollars, officially known as Liberty Head dollars, are among the most popular United States coins. Branch mint production of silver dollars slowed to record lows in 1893, especially at the San Francisco Mint, which struck just 100,000 examples. To get some idea of the monetary value coin collectors and investors have placed on Morgan silver dollars, you only need to look at a chart of the rare Morgan dollar values. There is an 1881-CC, 1885-CC, and an 1886-O. Find complete information on 1878-1921 Morgan Silver Dollars. The tables are structured to help collectors sort out those Morgan Silver Dollars which have demonstrated the strongest percentage gains over a long period of time. $224.95. Rest of them were put up in 1000 coin bags into treasury vaults in Washington and Philadelphia mints. In this video I examine a 1903 S Silver Dollar. We have seen the history of Morgan dollars and how to go about collecting a Morgan dollar in Shopcsn blog earlier. Like most things, even coins are usually cheaper when they’re bought in bulk — versus in smaller quantities, or individually.. 1893-S THE KEY DATED MORGAN SILVER DOLLAR PCGS FINE-15 HARDEST MORGAN TO FIND: Condition:--not specified. You can find coin values and coin prices for all Morgan Silver Dollars (1878-1904, 1921). Call 1-800-928-6468 today and let one of our Carson City Silver Morgan Dollar Specialists assist you. google_ad_client = "pub-8417283882784443"; The New York Bank hoard of U.S. Treasury morgan silver dollars was one of the most exciting chapters of my numismatic career. Further, collectors covet the earliest Morgan Silver Dollars. Very few coins were released during the GSA sale of the coins. LOT of 4 Morgan Silver Dollars 90% 1880 1883 1888 1900 EXC DETAIL FREE SHIPPING. 1892-O & P MORGAN SILVER DOLLARs Description: This listing is for a pair of beautiful original 1892 MORGAN SILVER dollars. The Morgan Silver dollars represent the best in silver coin manufacturing at its time. In this post, we are talking about the Top 10 rare Morgan dollars. The obverse features a profile of a woman crowned with Liberty and the reverse displays an eagle with wings spread. The "Morgan" design silver dollars was minted from 1878 to 1904, and again in 1921. Most years Philadelphia struck multi-million silver dollars, many years, tens of millions of coins. Our Coin Value Tables help collectors assess future performance of Morgan dollars. Grades. Only 300,000! The coins' are called by the name of the designer - George Morgan. The coins looked terrible because of the space between the die and the coin. You will find data on past and present Morgan Dollar values. Updated on 11/4/2020 . /* 336x280 CoinTrackers Coin */ google_ad_slot = "4149874786"; Many key production dates fall between 1878 and 1904. Please enter your email below and we will send you the confirmation link. The Birth of America's beautiful Morgan Dollar – Minted from 1878-1904, and once again in 1921, the Morgan silver dollar is one of America's most popular collectible coins. Mint marks on Peace dollars appear on the lower left of the coin, just left of the eagle's tail feathers. A few bags of these coins were released from the vault by the treasury and paid out at its cash value in the 1950s! The production was stopped for three years and commenced production again in the second half of 1889. To fully understand the history of these 90% silver beauties, we first have to go back to the era of our nation's great gold and silver rushes – particularly 1859 and the great Comstock Lode! The 1893-S Morgan Silver Dollar was struck in the San Francisco mint under the back-drop of the Economic depression. This is the first time I have ever heard of these coins. This made it easier for tellers to handle the coins. The availability of these sealed, certificated coins means that collectors would be well advised to pass on blemished examples. The San Francisco mint minted 1.2 million of the 1892-S coins and almost all of them were put up into circulation. Details about 1893-S THE KEY DATED MORGAN SILVER DOLLAR PCGS FINE-15 HARDEST MORGAN TO FIND See original listing. I’d like to check to see what mine are worth, Caught my interest so pulled out a few I had. There are a very few left for collectors and the ones that are available demand a huge premium in the Mint-state conditions. view_comfy view_list view_headline; Filter There are 95 products. Morgan Dollars. CC Morgan Silver Dollars are sought after far and wide by both the most experienced of coin collectors as well as numismatic novices.