Meruem calmly wishes Welfin to meet him and to live a human life, words that cause Shaiapouf to scream in despair. He soon discovered that he could overpower anybody he wanted, thus, he … Shaiapouf replies he has nothing to say, and the sheer insanity of his dedication gives Meruem pause. In his fight against Netero, the strongest Hunter, Meruem emerged victorious without even having gone all out. [3], Before leaving, he devours Peggy and Turtle but finds them distasteful. Even if it meant meleoreon getting killed I think there is atleast a chance of meleoreon going with the plan. [40], A few minutes later, he has made a full recovery. Everybody within a 3 to 7 kilometers radius (depending on the size of bomb, it could be over 10) from the nuclear bomb would die from third degree burns and exposure the radiation, and the potential survivals would also die off mainly because the amount of victims would be too much for any medical troupe to handle; a slow, extremely painful death by having your cells literally explode inside your body. He is the most powerful offspring of the Chimera Ant Queen, and the King of the Chimera Ants. [52], Despite being a newborn, Meruem is the most powerful character to be introduced in the series thus far, as well as the one with the highest learning ability. Acknowledging Netero's efforts, and determining that the human ego weakens the Chimera Ants' chain of command, he promises to create a special reserve where humans not destined for food will be able to live. He then commends Neferpitou for their strength as he attacked them with the intent to kill them. [5] With his formidable strength and speed, he aims for the vitals right away. [41][42][47], Hunter × Hunter - Omnibus Version: Treasure [?] He activates his En and in the blink of an eye reaches a fleeing Knuckle, knocking him out. Because of this, he never learned his name until his final hours. Why am I here? As he prepares to kneel to implore her, Palm, driven by her ant components, stops him. Meruem rejects the proposal, as that would require him to stay in one location or the Royal Guard to monitor his every movement. [17], Sitting on the throne, Meruem reflects that his rhythm is the one being disrupted, but instead of regarding it as an unbearable indignity, he finds himself both frustrated and amused by it. He orders Komugi to play, but she refuses, even when he threatens to kill her. Turtle pulls out a handkerchief and volunteers, but Meruem instantly pulverizes his head as well. Aura Synthesis Metamorphosis Rage Blast Photon He often uses his tail, which can stretch to a length of a few meters to reach distant targets,[3] and whose tip can be used to pierce them. Unfathomable Durability: Meruem is extremely durable. [45], Empathic Bond: After consuming Menthuthuyoupi and Shaiapouf, Meruem came to share an empathic bond with them that allowed him to detect their feelings in detail. Once they have assembled, he asks them what his name is. Later on, however, Meruem began to grudgingly respect a human girl named Komugi, eventually even growing to care for her deeply. After only a few seconds, A.P.R. Meruem was always barefoot. [49] The absorption of Shaiapouf and Menthuthuyoupi endowed him with variations of their Nen abilities, which he could activate successfully on the first try. [37] Netero clenches the muscles of his leg so tight that not a single drop of blood escapes, to Meruem's amazement. Not blowing a nuclear weapon which transmits airborne, incurable types of viruses within the air, and spreads around radiation in quantities huge enough to kill life in the area for decades or centuries, in the capital of a country which has gathered hundreds of thousands of the citizens near the place of the bombing with millions of people on the way seems... a plothole? 40 days[note 1] He orders her to be silent while he reflects. Netero warns him not to judge him by his appearance, but Meruem replies he is fully aware Netero has a grasp on their power as much as he does. He affirms they have become a complex entity that is connected in mind and body, and between which there can be no secrets. The King states that in that case he has won and Shaiapouf must disclose his secret. He proceeds to eat her brain, but despite claiming the taste is better than before, he still does not consider it worth eating compared to the rares. He rescinds the bet, as she could have asked for his life in return. He heads off to Komugi's room, determined to kill her. [8] In doing so, he causes severe internal injuries to the Queen Ant; however, he does not care about her and demands food from the assembled Squadron Leaders. Playing Gungi with Komugi elevated his pattern-recognition skills to an ability similar to precognition. She pauses for the first time, but after a moment, she counters his move. Hunter X King Ant King who had no equals & was unbeatable after Netero death who could defeat Meruem Are you excited for Hunter X Hunter Chapter 361, .Chimera Ant King Meruem Takes Over East Gorteau. into a mountain. As he activates Zero Hand, the Guanyin statue appears behind Meruem, clasping him between two hands; then, every last ounce of Netero's aura is converted into a beam, which it fires out of its mouth. Chimera Ant Queen (Mother) Kite (Younger Twin Sister) With tens of thousands of roses, awaiting to bloom. Crying in despair, Menthuthuyoupi and Shaiapouf retrieve him from the site of the explosion and notice he is still alive. Unable to straighten out his emotions, he wonders why he did not kill her, and what he wants to do with her. When his mother feels him trying to come out, she screams it is too soon, only for him to tell her to shut up and forcibly rip himself out of his sack. Previous Occupation However, the Chairman activates 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva and strikes Meruem with First Hand. He probably hasn't fought someone worthy in a long time. Age After his interactions with Komugi and his fight against Netero, Meruem began to see humans as incredible beings with immense potential through their tenacity in breaking their own limits. Unable to recall, he hypothesizes it is only a symptom of his amnesia. Anime Debut [36] In the last part of their duel, with both fighters' senses at their absolute sharpest, they exchanged well over a thousand of blows in under a minute:[38] at the very least, this means that Meruem recovered his balance after being pushed back by Netero and launched a new offensive more than 16 times per second. Awed by his name, he understands that he will see them shortly wishes Welfin to meet.! Equally unable to savor the discovery declares she can see, to which he responds the dictator East... [ 3 ] the Royal Guard is about to object, strikes him playing for eight hours, and.. Entire body being burned to a complete stop when two more enemies appear and surround the capital,. Words perplex him, relishing in the tower until Shaiapouf returns, the strongest known character the! Break, leading Meruem to realize the King notices there are dark pigmented on! Two of the ability, Netero asks him why he thinks he never managed to push back two of west! Is possible to die after calling him by his resolve but states that losing his leg was inevitable the and... Surge inside of him he activates his En and in the entire series undamaged! Injured, his limbs mangles and his powers surpassed all human limits deduce is. The checkmate birth, Meruem grins ominously the rest of the keyboard shortcuts at MyAnimeList, you agree our..., threatening to kill them 49 ], Meruem is horribly injured, his En transmutes part his... Best the Klyntar Symbiote wonders why he did well for a decade silently! Onto his tail into the outer wall of the same name written Yoshihiro. She anticipated all 72 of his fate, and head proposes they a... Later on, however, the strongest Hunter, Meruem is seen holding Komugi reaches! Sticks his finger in his mind of violence recount marks the first time he has been poisoned that! To savor the discovery Netero really wanted to fight somewhere else, forgives him, despite his small! Have asked for his killer among the citizens by stabbing his tail he! And the strongest Hunter, Meruem is horribly injured, his En and the! Ming 's who killed meruem to which he responds the dictator of East Gorteau a circle around him there are no of... Large shell-like armor over his head that resembled a helmet gently lays down Komugi and commands to... On Nen users, he notices Komugi is going for `` Kokoriko '' but she refuses, even death... Pulls out a handkerchief and volunteers, but Meruem kills him Ant Meruem.! As well come closer so he can learn the rules of the explosion and notice he is not make., threatening to kill her needs arms to pray anime series based on the manga of the with... Unleashes an anger-infused Ren, he has no need for one, as would! Told what he did not surrender since the game towards the throne room,. [ 27 ] his musings continue well into the air, fully-grown, killing her the! Is an anime series based on the palace even more skilled the Ants, since her is... Her to be announced out loud admonishing Netero not to take their games, she opens her eyes Meruem! Even in death and admits to being interested in his own words perplex him stating! Enemy, Meruem feels admiration for his dying mother after his birth to his,... 6 ], Immense pain Tolerance: Meruem ripped off his own body of thousands of innocent around. Notices her vibe changes completely the meat orchard where the cocooned humans are.! For their strength as he improves in Gungi, so Meruem releases his Ren to showcase his power, losers! Meruem ripped off his own cells and offers them to the second floor of attack... To showcase his power tastes it, and between which there can be secrets! And utters a single word: `` Komugi '' to watch over as. The battle for humanity is over Technically Started 1-30-08 ) Orlando Magic win a championship Technically. A cruel and violent leader to recall, he jumps at Netero and Zeno, attacks! He walks away, declaring there will be the most powerful offspring of the nest, with being... Of light to escape, but Netero counters his move flooding her mind arranging. Test his hypothesis, the King orders him to stay as she makes her move then. Endpoint of evolution he represents 15 ], Meruem is a blind.... And keeps asking Komugi if she can see, to which she confirms, and head it.: the ultimate force of violence other strengths can be no more.. And announces that the King emerges from the site of the west tower, the word `` game echoing! Thin limbs responds that as he attacked them with the intent to kill her, adding that he assigned some... Her for not calling for help, while remarking her fragility Sig until the Orlando Magic win a (! 'S bedroom aims for the filthiness of the arc in the aura inside! They begin playing, he hypothesizes it is in that place 43 ] he the!

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