These differential lockers are designed to lock .. $29.99 Add to Cart. google_color_text = "FFFFFF"; google_ad_channel = ""; Products Tagged: Clodbuster. Here's the JB pack (JB is available thru Halfords, another brand is 'Quick Steel') Free shipping. Look no further .. These aluminum axle tubes will handle the a.. A must-have for the serious rock crawler or racer! These aluminum steering knuckles will handl.. RC4WD Extreme Duty XVD for Clodbuster Axle. The Hot Racing Clod Buster Diff Spool Gear will fit the Tamiya Clodbuster & Super Clodbuster models. Looking to add strength to your Clodbuster/Bullhead or TXT-1/2 axles? It slows down y.. Running a set of CVD/XVD axles on the front of your truck only and want the rear axle to match in wi.. Your Savings: $9.20 (19%) Availability: Cons: must be careful applying epoxy, stock hex sockets in side gears may strip and fail under hard use. $58.99. Aluminum Front & Rear Axle Link Suspension lock Tamiya 1/10 Bullhead Clodbuster. Features: Eliminates differential to lock the drive axles and deliver equal power to both wheels Looking for an economical set of upper 4-link mounts for your Clodbuster? Tamiya Clodbuster Taillight Housing, 1 of 2 $ 7.00 by AMPro Engineering. 29 results Sort by: Case Yellow Synthetic Sod Buster Jr. 3-5/8" Closed (3137 SS) $35.74. Behind axle steering! with. The trick here is keeping everything straight and cleaning the debris off the gears before reassembly. Retail Price: $49.19. Some enthusiasts claim that the Clod Buster is even superior to the TXT-1 because so many tuning parts are available to optimise it and rectify its flaws. As with all the glue methods, more glue may be better, it just adds more weight to the assembly. Hot Racing Tamiya Clodbuster Aluminum Wide Drive Shafts CB20EL08. These machined aluminum wheel wideners provide the extra width needed to allow you to fit the larger.. google_ad_client = "pub-1680022192608702"; Get it as soon as Thu, Dec 3. Back Order. The rear locker forces the rear wheels to turn at the same rate, and the front locker … This ensures that you get full power to both wheels on each axle at all times. Not yet reviewed. Clodbuster Accessories: Clodbuster Chassis kits: The "Rage" You can: race it, bash it, crawl it, afford it! Quick view Compare . Price. What we want to do is �lock' the two side gears to the spur gear, and effectively to each other.