today=new Date(); Hundreds of gift products. Z. Fergusson Clan Tattoos - V Mar 29, 2015 - Second session completed Ferguson tartan and clan crest. The Ayrshire Fergussons adopted the Protestant faith during the Reformation. FERGUSON are … R The tattoo is of a severed snake, with each piece of the snake representing a British American colony or region. Posted by kamal at 8:20 PM. Indeed, the heraldry of the chiefly family is quite different from other examples relating to families of the same name. He's not spoken about this one as of this posting, but it appears to be a depiction of the first ascent of Montgolfier's hot air balloon, but perhaps with the addition of a viking longboat? Ferguson Coat of Arms / Ferguson Family Crest | Coat of arms, Family crest, Family shield. The Gaelic patronynic, MacFhaerghuis', is translated alternatively as 'son of angry' or 'son of the bold and proud'. // end hiding ---> Tattoo Links Per one of his chats in March 2017, Craig mentioned that his left arm has a female/magical energy (Ingram Crest, Celtic Knot with wedding date, Raven/Crow), and his right arm has a male/science energy (Ferguson Crest, his boys' names, the Join or Die snake, a compass rose, and the "1st Ascent of Man" Montgolfier balloon.).