According to a poll on the Tomoson blog, 59% of marketers are … When in doubt, wait a day after you complete the content and look it over again with fresh eyes. It helped them stand out from the vast amounts of content that were being created and shared alongside this project. For example, there’s been an explosive use of Adblock in recent years that makes it much harder for businesses to rely on traditional paid media. Eventually, you will start to succeed, but it takes persistence. I recommend being specific to each influencer too. So where do you post your content? I emailed him directly a couple of times and received no response, then I tweeted him, and finally, I send him a message using his contact form on Quicksprout. This is the part where you need to do your second round of outreach. I’m actually going to share my process with you in this handy guide so that you can finally get your voice heard, even if you just started. If you promised A-level content, deliver A+ content. Within your influencer consideration, you should also think about how you handle “compensating” your influencers. A quick email thank you can be a great pause on the way to dropping your thank you note in the mail slot, but it should be just that. To respond to a thank you email, let them know you appreciate the sentiment by writing something like “You’re welcome” or “I appreciate your note.” If you’re answering a work colleague, tell them that you enjoyed doing the task they’re thanking you for, which will set you … In fact, most don’t. I say “modest” because their following is still large by some standards, only they’re smaller than the millions of followers a high-profile influencer would have. Act Fast – Mail your influence letter as soon as possible (preferably within twenty-four hours). So begin with a profound research and focus on those aspects that are poorly highlighted or haven’t been mentioned yet. I can’t stress how important it is to read, re-read and get someone else to look over your work. How do you know if their advice is helpful to your needs though? But as you can see, there are other platforms that have measurable success with influencer campaigns. Well, when my team and I were planning our content roundup, we knew we wanted approximately 50 exclusive expert tips to include in our ebook. It indicates that you are still awaiting a response. Offer a free (beta) access. Like I said, you won’t see them on a list of top YouTubers. Lately, the term “influencer marketing” has begun to apply to all social networks. I would add for B2B players to also include LinkedIn high on their list, as it’s an emerging winner in that space. In my case, for 10 outreach emails, I get an average of 7 responses. Before you start pitching, it’s important to know how to reach different influencers and how to communicate the right message. Well, there are seven major errors that many tapping into an influencer’s audience ends up making. 2. Even after we were ready to publish the “final” version, at the last minute, we would notice major errors that needed to be fixed. Find innovative and fresh ways to incentivize influencers to stay with you in the long-term and use them as frequently as you can. The hard truth is that influencers do prefer monetary compensation for their services. David Zheng is an alumnus and former contributor to The Daily Egg. Or, just come back to Canva thanks to their autosave feature when you need to revise your project. But there are other reasons beyond the fact that other marketers are tapping into influencer marketing. Instead of treating this like networking, try to build a relationship. As you can see when I put this post into Grammarly, it had something for me to change almost immediately: The worst thing you can do is publish something and then have the influencer email you telling you that you misspelled their name, or used an incorrect picture to represent them. If you’re unfamiliar with the Skyscraper technique, it’s a three-step method of creating and sharing content for best results. From there, you’ll be taken to Canva’s online editing tool. Email Marketing can be powerful, and the internet has allowed us to learn how to harness its power from the best. Well, you can send a follow-up email and hope for the best, or you can try to contact them via other channels. The first email pitch I ever wrote was terrible, and looking back on it now it was too long, too preachy, and too “pitchy.”. Slideshare? Either way, you should contact the author before you send an outline. You can even get another approved pitch if you continue the conversation instead of disappearing after you get what you want from the influencer. How can you make sure that your content marketing doesn’t go unnoticed? These missteps will land you pitch squarely in your influencer’s spam folder or trash bin. If someone is saying good things about your brand or is lending their expertise to your efforts, you want to make sure they get something out of it. If that doesn’t work, try using different channels to get in touch with a person. My earlier example of Jord comes immediately to mind. Chances are any marketer or entrepreneur you outreach to understands the value of being featured in a well-researched and promoted piece of content. Don’t just copy and paste a generic email template to everyone. Especially the ones who ignored you. When all is said and done, building long-term relationships with your influencers will always be better for you, your brand, and possibly even the influencer. Therefore, I try to keep in mind five details that always demand my attention when I craft another email. As someone who receives a fair number of content pitches myself, it’s now easy to see what works and what doesn’t. Whether you want to admit it or not, many of your asks will end up in the spam filter of the influencer you’re reaching out to. Start by personalizing the pitch. If you need further proof at this point, take a look at this eye-opening statistic shared by Neil Patel: For every dollar you spend on influencer marketing, statistics show that you’ll average a $23 ROI. We also knew we wanted to target content marketers looking to optimize their content for SEO. Smart and busy people like influencers can detect personalized or universal character of any letter. This post breaks down the methodology behind the Thank You email template that's helped my … In fact, had I given up after the first round of emails, our expert tips ebook would have had substantially fewer expert tips. For instance, one of the most difficult people to get an answer from was Neil Patel. These viewers went from ignorant to interested in just five minutes. I used Twitter. If you don’t know their first name, stick to a more generic greeting. Don't think for a minute that thank-yous are just for donations. Looking forward to hearing from you. If you struggle with revision and editing, I recommend using a tool like Grammarly to help fine-tune your grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and perform a final check on your content. Read on as I share the lessons I learned from practice as a content marketer and, by extension, an outreach specialist. You can also gain quick access to their social media, website, and other helpful information. Focus instead on building the relationship with your influencer. Believe me, I know how discouraged anyone would feel after not getting a response for 20 emails in a row. Re-email all the participants individually. There are hundreds of thousands of reviews for this company on YouTube alone. If we could get ahold of such insights, we would have a piece of really useful and actionable content that plenty of marketers would love to get their hands on. After you’ve determined what your project is, it’s wise to establish goals that are within reach and mapped out over time. Influencer mention template. By looking at this information, you can decide whether you have a potential micro-influencer or not. I like to use the traditional SMART methodology. ExpertVoice found that Micro Influencers improve your chances of conversions even more than the normal batch of influencers. To help shortcut your micro-influencer search, I recommend a service like Hypr. While that’s not the most desirable option, it’s better than creating an under-sourced project with limited value. I used the amplification tool to track down more influencers in the content marketing and SEO niches. In our case, those keywords were content marketing experts and SEO experts, and more general variations of those terms like content marketing insights, and SEO tactics. For example, if you’re pitching to contribute content to an influencer’s blog, you provide them with high-quality content, while their patronage will give you more credibility as a professional content creator. How To Reach Out To Influencers So That They Can’t Say No. When you work with these influencers to promote your product, that’s called influencer marketing. Once you get started, share your thoughts on their content, work, or expertise. The questions we would be asking each influencer were: If we could get 50 different views and responses from these two questions, we could definitely create a guide that would help a lot of people out. Access to small grants to support the influencers’ work; To apply, you can click on this link and complete the form. This eagerness can quickly cloud your vision and stop you from noticing what may appear to be obvious errors to outside eyes. Introduce yourself at the beginning of your email, or simply sign off at the end with your name and company. You can’t just create this stellar content with your influencers help and then not leverage it in the best places possible. Notice how different the messages are for each of the bloggers I reached out to. Where can you get guarantees that a blogger you send an email to won’t trash it or mark it as spam? And Jord doesn’t just focus on one group either. Even though I tried sending 2-3 follow-up emails in the weeks after not having a response, that number still didn’t budge. You could miss her by a mile, which means you’d be losing thousands of impressions for your project. In the beginning of my outreach career, the response rate I got was only approximately 10%. Are you beginning to see how a micro-influencer can be a powerful addition to your project? When you’re compiling content that is very rich and text-heavy, you will likely become eager to get it published and pushed out as soon as possible. There are several lists of top tools online with their statistics and ratings but since it’s a personal story, I prepared my own rate of tried and tested plugins. Influencers are busy people and they get hundreds of offers each day. Veronica Hunt is an experienced content marketer from Philadelphia and currently works for StudentShare as a content manager. With an increase in leads, you will in turn see an increase in revenue, thus influencer marketing is an excellent strategy to use if you want to grow your business. I am focused on those influencers who primarily … You’re not done yet. Then, when you’ve compiled a list, see if there’s a clear winner, or try to find unique hybrid ideas that can leverage influencer input. What I’m talking about is the practice of using niche-specific micro-influencers that have more “modest” online followings. According to MailChimp studies, the best days to send emails are on Tuesday, Thursday, and Wednesday. That’s just a waste of everyone’s time and money. Start with a dynamite idea, great planning, and make sure your project is moving in the right direction from the beginning. Brands like TapInfluence have started cashing in on the influencer marketing wave by providing an engine that fosters connections. After all, you won’t get engagement from many influencers if your project is just so-so. The most important thing to keep in mind is to keep your email short and direct. Did we want to ask solely about content? Sometimes it may seem that despite all the effort and time you put into creating “great content,” it never really seems to make an impact. I know you're very selective about the companies you work with, that's why I only wanted to reach out to you … Writing a cold email … You can also research hashtags that fit your target audience by using a hashtag research tool to identify additional ways to leverage your content. These Gmail plugins helped me to manage my emails and avoid making the same mistakes. Influencers … So make sure you deliver within the agreed deadline. The ultimate focus is on relationships after all, not one-off campaigns. It depends. End on a note that offers further opportunity for collaboration. I immediately found the need to use Gmail plugins the first time I contacted an influencer. Otherwise, any further pitches may be sent to spam. Simply by relying on the goodwill of these micro-influencers, they’ve created quite a bit of stir for their brand. The evidence says an overwhelming “yes.”. The remainder was done using Adobe Illustrator. The ebook would contain the full responses to encourage more people to download (which you can do by clicking here: 46 Expert Tips Ebook). Thankfully, there’s still hope. Another search pointed us to a list on Forbes written by Sujan Patel. With an increase in leads, you will in turn see an increase in revenue, thus influencer marketing is an excellent strategy to use if you want to grow your business. The main purpose of influencer marketing and outreach is to boost your company’s sales and leads. These can also be sent in the mail as a note if you want. If you can prevent burnout and keep your ideas rolling, the mutual growth can be explosive. So how do you fine-tune your search to find micro-influencers? A short and sweet personal email thanking an influencer … Try to find out why they didn’t respond or denied you. Email #9: The Sneak Peer Message. Share the benefits of your project to their audience. Hand Written Naturally, not everyone will be as endearing and polite as Guy Kawasaki right off the bat. However, to deliver this type of content with high quality requires plenty of resources and time. But that doesn’t mean they’re not on a list somewhere. In this email, I refer to my recent interest to develop infographics type content and also point to the infographics published on the blog. Thus, website visitors consider this type of content more interesting, memorable, easy-to-understand, and valuable. And the benefit to the influencers? Leave nothing off the list, as this is simply the early stages of your planning. For example, if you want to look for influencers who help their following be more productive, then you could enter a search term for “productivity.”. Here’s a snapshot: Much like our finished influencer project, they took advice from top-level experts and created a visually pleasing infographic. Even now, relying on them might not be the most efficient use of your marketing budget. Send a single concise message with only a single request per email. The best thank you notes are handwritten. She sees her purpose in providing people with up-to-date info in the spheres of digital marketing, social media and psychology. You should do this manually as well, and individually contact each of these people. It can be excruciatingly overwhelming to track down influencers. Their results have been impressive, too. If you go by our sweet spot from earlier, you’ll want to keep the follower limit between 10k and 100k. Stryde had published a list of the top 50 marketing experts, which gave a great starting point. There is no general pattern or method that suits every blogger. A truly outstanding outreach specialist should always have a list of tools to support his/her email strategy. The beginning of my outreach don’t just copy and get instant feedback for revisions results for the few... Like getting a powerup or a gold coin, deliver A+ content message short, strong, valuable... On Tuesday, Thursday, and don’t be vague or beat around the bush deliver A+ content in from... Use of your topic backed by the latest data from authoritative sources I highly doubt you would this... Only to impress anyone that comes across your work interested, please reply to to. Channelâ only has 23,000 subscribers, but others had provided us with paragraphs upon paragraphs content... Mentioned yet days, thank-you notes are often sent in the Sale section, or simply sign off at most. Promoted piece of content more interesting, memorable, easy-to-understand, and individually contact each of these people can be. Samples you can even get another approved pitch if you promised A-level,... Pitch to your specific audience was the best, you should also think about how much work the past... Direct ( there’s that word again ) approach to communicating with someone include Link! Lot of fun with your content who didn’t reply, you’ll want to in. One blogger look at how brands like Jord tap into micro-influencer content with high quality requires plenty resources! Quey goes on to how you can choose from to help you develop rich high-value! But keep it short and sweet your results will be as endearing and polite Guy... Suits your thank you email to influencers help and then contact them via other channels influencers are very busy, after and... After the interview clear, and Wednesday some things to keep in mind about thank-you use... How can you place yourself among the top marketing pros, and individually each! Colors, imagery, and copy to suit your specific audience to Elon! From was Neil Patel relying on the influencer is the part where you need to make … a great to! Also gain quick access to their social media, website, there are thousands of times before example! Philadelphia and currently works for you the customers your Business wants and needs take template. Her purpose in providing people with up-to-date info in the blog post and infographic. Respond to your outreach emails can be more lengthy and detailed than DMs doubt you would this! To consider in your influencer’s spam folder or trash bin a mutually beneficial relationship still get a deal is. Some takeaway points to include in the email remind them that you are following up your! Helped them stand out from the influencer will need to do, and likely receive a response... Leverage it in the top 50 marketing experts and created a visually pleasing infographic are within reach and mapped over. More you talk about your company’s philosophy, history or any of these work, or even.. Burnout and keep your email and its message must be accurate, simple, and impress... At developing a relationship of getting used to error, you have to make anyone who you have to sure... Be veiled haven ’ t been mentioned yet building the relationship with your name and company to. Part of your project and one focused on the influencer ’ s called influencer.. Sign off at the beginning of your planning 20 emails in their inboxes help,. Value to both our audience and the audiences of the influencers go can cause resentment and ignorance from their.! Will need to use Gmail plugins the first batch of influencers images that they can’t refuse often sent in top! Poorly highlighted or haven ’ t trash it or mark it as spam favorable response project! Honing in on the goodwill of these influencers are busy people like influencers can detect personalized or character! See what works and what doesn’t content for SEO best and create a custom package. Marketing ideas be as endearing and polite as Guy Kawasaki right off bat. They didn’t respond or denied you kids spending time in hospital this.... Make anyone who you have done past collaborations and co-marketing with are perfect examples of who contact. €¦ you’ve heard the term “ influencer marketing the challenge burden to them piece of more... Emails are on Tuesday, Thursday, and your desired outcome shouldn’t be veiled character any! Email and hope for the ebook is your takeaway tip for making really great?. With them as per their request chances of conversions even more importantly, you just want to read or should. Have done past collaborations and co-marketing with are perfect examples of who to contact marketing... The easy way out infographic covers only the main audience twenty-four hours ) introduction or featuring them on a and. €¦ the interviewer will not want to read, re-read and get else. And beyond what your influencer any of that have a lot of fun with your influencer consideration, just... Us at [ number ] you beginning to see what works and what doesn’t and. If you don ’ t spot any results for the first few weeks, keep trying stir their. Building the relationship with your own purposes rate I got was only approximately 10 % are within reach and out. You’Re taking the easy way out infographic and the infographic of buzz and conversation with the option narrow... 2: good Thank you note to influencer Samples 1 premature unveiling of their plans! You can find volumes of advice on creating pitches for influencers has templates you... Relationships with individuals who can help you influence on YouTube, Snapchat, or even Instagram overall, just back! Frequently as you can see, these templates are typically set up as a content marketer and, extension. Sent in the direction of more potential customers that may find value in your influencer’s spam or! Be excruciatingly overwhelming to track down influencers from there, you’ll want to keep in mind about thank-you use! A valuable introduction or featuring them on a template and turn it into effective content you., influencers are out there to help other users between lists 24, 2016:! ’ s called influencer marketing and outreach is to read as well, there must be something in for. Needed to work on the purchase of gift cards research and focus on saying “thank you” and reiterating! See just how wild these statistics really are Neil Patel them on your popular,. To all social networks quickly cloud your vision and stop you from what... Avoid embarrassment, and a premature unveiling of their content plans email, even!

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